About Our Company

Choosing the right partner is about experience and commitment as well as technology, and PMG offers all three.

For over 10 years, customers have achieved 70%-80% time reductions across a wide variety of IT and business processes. PMG delivers success where other platforms fail by automating previously unmanageable processes and combining integrations with powerful orchestration capabilities.

What makes PMG unique?

  • Better. Faster.
  • Architected for Agility
  • Committed Partnership

Better. Faster.

The PMG platform is highly configurable, making prototyping, deployments, upgrades and updates faster and easier. Each implementation differs in scope, but many clients have turned to PMG after unsuccessfully trying to deliver complex process solutions using other platforms and systems. PMG is a better alternative to large scale platforms that require teams of specialty developers and are often expensive and time consuming to implement. And it’s far more robust than simplistic low-code app development alternatives that can’t handle complex business processes or scale for enterprise deployment.

Architected for Agility.

PMG is architected to support quick wins, delivering powerful and sustainable solutions through configuration rather than coding. Solutions on the platform are built-to-change – easy to update and deploy iteratively for enhancements or changes. And you don’t have to alter your unique business processes or dumb down your requirements with PMG. Configuration capabilities throughout the platform mean that whatever you build remains upgrade safe.

Committed Partnership.

PMG’s customers have confidence that their process and experience improvement projects will succeed because they know that PMG is with them all the way. The goal of every deployment is to maximize the value of your investment and deliver positive business outcomes. PMG helps tailor your implementation to fit your budget and schedule. Working in collaboration, we drive efficiency and value in your business – together.

Who is PMG?

From the beginning, the PMG team has embraced a spirit of collaboration, applying key traits we believe to be part of our own recipe for success: smart, driven and fun. At PMG, we live by our core values. We are passionate about improving our customers’ business processes through technology, and we have fun doing it. We are ready to join forces with our customers to achieve collective goals. We love to solve challenging business problems, and we relish the teamwork it takes to make that happen. When we partner with our customers, no challenge is too big.

PMG has completed over 150 deployments, partnering with our customers for success. And when push comes to shove, our whole organization is there with you every step of the way. We have a 95% customer retention rate, and are 100% committed to customer success. We work in true partnership with our clients to achieve successful and sustainable business outcomes, using more configuration and less code.

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