Human Resources

Human Resources can be a tough gig. Not only are you responsible for employee well-being, but your intentions are only as good as your processes.

PMG offers a suite of solution options that focus on improving the processes behind human resources service delivery to deliver a better employee experience. By streamlining manual activities and integrating disparate systems to access relevant data in real-time, security and compliance risks go down. And employee engagement goes up when overburdened HR resources are freed up to focus on more personalized and important employee interactions.

HR Process Automation

PMG’s capabilities in workflow automation are unmatched. The platform seamlessly orchestrates processes through manual and automated steps. Whether you need to manage functional tasks and work activities or provide employee self-service for a broad range of requests, PMG delivers.

Complex business processes – from onboarding and contractor management to offboarding and system access management – are streamlined by integrating data located in multiple systems and applications. Accountability is ensured and overall results are improved by orchestrating cross-department handoffs through automation.

HR Case Management

PMG’s HR Case Management solution helps businesses handle even complex interactions by facilitating transparency and collaboration through ad-hoc employee “cases.” From providing a knowledge base and controlled access to relevant data, to facilitating coordination and communication across roles and departments, PMG gives HR resources the tools they need to make informed decisions and resolve employee cases quickly.

Employee Experience

Employee engagement has never been more important than it is in today’s competitive talent market. With PMG, organizations are able to provide an outstanding user experience, streamlining employees’ day-to-day tasks and ensuring they can spend time on higher value activities.

Dashboards and work management interfaces provide HR team members with the information they need to work efficiently. SLA measurement ensures that employee requests and cases are being resolved in a timely fashion, while analytics and reporting features give management the tools to identify process bottlenecks and areas of improvement.