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Empower Application Development Throughout Your Organization

The world we work in has changed dramatically…perhaps even permanently. With many employees now being remote, more attention is turning to automation and, specifically, the need to automate processes for the sake of business continuity and staying connected. So, how does a company go about “automating” processes? Where does one start? Who’s respo [...]

How Digital Transformation Can Change Your Business

“Digital transformation” is a term that is often thrown around in business circles. To some, it is just a buzzword that will soon die down. However, those who pay attention to it would know that it can have a great impact on their companies.  Digital transformation means shifting a company’s processes to the digital world and to do away with manu [...]

BPM and Automation in the UK – An IRM recap by Ben Alexander

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at IRM UK’s Business Process Management (BPM) Conference Europe, co-located with their Enterprise Architecture (EA) conference at the lovely Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London. This 200-plus person conference with over 30 countries represented, is “designed by practitioners for practitioner [...]

Empower Your Visionaries

Provide a Low Code Platform for Agile Automation We have a significant number of customers who originally purchased the PMG Digital Business Platform to solve a specific business problem (Employee Onboarding, IT Service Catalog, Manufacturing Process Orchestration, etc.) and who are now discovering that PMG can and should be leveraged much more b [...]

Realizing the Promise of RPA

For the past year, we’ve been in conversations with many of our customers who are trying valiantly to leverage the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) to help address time-consuming, repetitive manual processes. At so many enterprise companies, the promise of eliminating back-office manual tasks via a “bot brigade” was understanda [...]

bpmNEXT 2018 Recap – A PMG perspective, by Ben Alexander

This was my first visit, and first presentation at bpmNEXT, and it was awesome! Hosted by Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer at the Kimpton Canary Hotel in beautiful Santa Barbara, even the colder than normal temperatures didn’t damper the surrounding beauty of ocean and mountains, and the very pleasant atmosphere of the venue. The topics ranged f [...]

A Case for Partnering Business Intelligence with Process

Like Batman and Robin, business intelligence and process are a dynamic duo when paired together. The infusion of facts and findings into day-to-day operations can help an organization become more efficient. Yet, many enterprises shy away from it when defining their business processes, as the concept of business intelligence (BI) can seem intimida [...]

5 Questions to Ask Potential BPM Vendors (5 of 5)

We've been discussing some critical questions to help vet your BPM vendor candidates. And we’ve reached Final Jeopardy with Question #5: “How much experience do you have with similar customer implementations?” While there may be a number of products or platforms that could potentially deliver the right BPM solution for your business, the vendor c [...]

5 Questions to Ask Potential BPM Vendors (4 of 5)

We are getting to the end of the 5 critical questions to address with your BPM vendor candidates. Gartner notes, “In order to adapt to changing business needs more quickly, there is an even greater focus on making the technologies easier to use so that the citizen developer (business users and business analysts) can author solutions with minimal [...]

5 Questions to Ask Potential BPM Vendors (3 of 5)

We are hitting our stride with the 5 critical questions to address with your BPM vendor candidates. Up next: Question #3: “Will the solution provide a suitable user experience for my target audience?” As noted earlier, creating a positive user experience (UX) within your BPM solution is a critical component of any successful digital transformation [...]

5 Questions to Ask Potential BPM Vendors (2 of 5)

Last week we began our new blog series about getting started with your BPM initiative and we dove into the first of 5 critical questions to address with your BPM vendor candidates. We start off this week with Question #2: “Does the BPM Product/Platform have the critical capabilities that I need?” Every company will have its own unique business pr [...]

5 Questions to Ask Potential BPM Vendors (1 of 5)

Earlier this week we kicked off our new blog series with an overview about getting started with your BPM initiative. Now it’s time to dive in with some important questions you need to ask your selection of BPM vendors that are under consideration. Question #1: “How long will it take to implement my solution?” There are literally dozens of technol [...]

Getting Started With Your BPM Initiative

As fall is here and we are heading into the end of the year, many of you are gearing up for your 2017 initiatives and beginning to conduct initial research. With countless companies looking to improve overall business, many are looking for a platform to drive efficiencies. Our new blog series, “5 Important Questions to Ask Potential BPM Vendors” [...]

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