New alternatives for file storage
Put your stuff where you want your stuff to go

The PMG Platform v21.4 introduces more options for storing files that flow through the Platform, giving you greater flexibility in deciding where you’d like these artifacts to be saved.

We’ve added a new File Storage administrative capability to allow admins to change where files processed via a form, app page, or workflow file variable are stored.

By default, the legacy behavior is to store all files directly in one of the Platform’s internal databases. But now, you have two additional easy-to-configure options.

Amazon S3 may be the preferred choice for many customers for various reasons – pricing, SQL disk space, security, and availability. Setting it up is simple. First, select S3 as the Storage Location. Next, click on the AWS-S3 tab to provide the connection details for your S3 bucket. Yes, it really is that simple!

The other new option is to store your files on an external File System. To do this, just input the file system path you want to use.

As always, if you need help getting started, reach out to your favorite PMGer. We’ll help you get your stuff to where your stuff should go.