Introducing the Dual List widget
PMG loves lists

Isn’t it obvious? We love making lists at PMG. Select Lists, Multi-Select Lists, List Builder, Simple Lists, etc. We could go on and on, but you get the point!

Well, we didn’t think we had enough ways to build lists, so there’s now a Dual List widget available in App Designer. The Dual List widget allows you to present a list of items to end users who can then select item(s) from that list.

The Dual List feature is twice as fun. Having a split view makes it very easy to tell what’s been selected so far and is much easier than needing to Ctrl + Click again and again.

As with all App Designer widgets, the Dual List widget can be dragged-and-dropped onto your app layout to add it to your portal page or work console.

So go ahead… put this feature on your list of favorite PMG lists. ?