EnableSoft & PMG Announce Partnership to Deliver Faster Integration of the PMG Digital Business Platform with Foxtrot RPA

Foxtrot RPA offers PMG faster integration to legacy systems with no available API

ORLANDO, Fla. – September 20, 2018 – EnableSoft Inc., a provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software for banks, healthcare and other organizations, today announced that it has partnered with PMG, the provider of a leading low-code BPM platform. Together the companies will leverage their technologies to accelerate integration capabilities in process automation for PMG customers.

PMG’s low-code application development platform makes solving hard business process problems easy. Using a robust set of automation tools, PMG leverages the APIs from different systems to create comprehensive workflow automation solutions that eliminate time-consuming manual processes. With the help of Foxtrot robotic process automation (RPA) software from EnableSoft, PMG is able to offer faster integration for customers who rely on data from legacy systems and websites that have no available API.

“With Foxtrot, the absence of an API no longer slows down our integration process,” said Ben Alexander, Vice President of Product for PMG.” He added that in some instances, using Foxtrot to automate processes is more efficient than leveraging existing APIs. “We’re all about speed and efficiency,” said Alexander. “If Foxtrot can get the job done faster and more efficiently, that’s the route we’ll take.”

“We’re very excited to be able to help PMG offer a more complete solution than ever before,” said EnableSoft CEO Richard Milam. “As companies rely more and more on automation to solve business needs, RPA software will play an increasingly important role across all industries.”

About PMG

PMG’s low-code application development platform makes solving hard business process problems easy. For over ten years, our leading enterprise and mid-market customers have frequently achieved 70%-80% time reductions across a wide variety of IT and other business processes by implementing solutions built on the PMG Digital Business Platform. PMG delivers success where other platforms fail by understanding how to streamline and automate previously unmanageable processes, and by combining easy no-code integrations and publishable APIs with powerful orchestration capabilities. The PMG platform is architected to support quick wins, delivering powerful and sustainable solutions through configuration rather than coding. Choosing the right partner is about experience and commitment as well as technology, and PMG offers all three. For more information, visit www.pmg.net.

About EnableSoft

As an early innovator in the RPA space, Orlando-based EnableSoft Inc. has helped organizations save time, save money, and improve productivity. Serving over 500 corporate clients worldwide, EnableSoft develops and markets Foxtrot®, software that eliminates the burden of manual data processes by behaving, deciding and working just like a person. Additional information is available at www.enablesoft.com.

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