PMG Categories Page Update
Improve your user experience

Have you been looking for a quick bang-for-the-buck improvement for your PMG implementation? If so, you’ll love this simple solution.

 The new PMG Categories page is one of our latest easy-to-implement features to enhance the look of your site and drastically improve the end user experience. On this page, users are able to navigate categories and subcategories more easily. And it can be enabled in less than a minute with a simple System Setting!

The new Categories page creates a more visually intuitive experience for navigating categories. And paired with the Search filter feature enabling users to search across all categories, finding what you’re looking for has never been easier. No more hunting through layers of categories for the service you need!

To turn on the new Categories page, simply enable the System Setting ENABLE_NEW_CATEGORY_PAGE. That’s all there is to it!