Improve Healthcare Experience while Controlling Costs

PMG Healthcare Solutions allow companies to improve interoperability, operating efficiency and acquisition integration.


“PMG is my most important strategic partnership in creating BPM solutions for digital transformation.”

– Greg McLaurin, Humana

PMG Healthcare Solutions

The PMG platform is ideally suited to help hospitals and health systems address current industry trends. PMG delivers the results healthcare companies need to be competitive in today’s market – from managing costs to elevating patient care and improving provider experience. By providing interoperability efficiency, and acquisition integration capabilities, PMG empowers customers to meet today’s challenges.

Prioritizing for Success

Hospitals and health systems are currently focused on making healthcare more digital. Efforts to optimize EHR systems are coupled with implementation of new technologies to leverage artificial intelligence, voice technology, telemedicine, and data visualization. These technologies are truly groundbreaking, but without a considered approach the result is often unmanageable sprawl and depleted budgets with little room for support and maintenance.

In actuality, proper emphasis must be given to getting more out of existing assets. System interoperability is a key component for improving processes, and the need for operational efficiency is also critical. As growth continues to occur through acquisition, system and organizational integration is another important factor. By focusing on these objectives through the right IT strategy, many of the overarching challenges that hospital and health systems are facing can be surmounted.

Achieving Digital Transformation in Healthcare

PMG empowers its healthcare industry customers to achieve true interoperability, operational efficiency, and successful integration of acquired entities. With these capabilities, hospitals and health systems will be best situated to capitalize on the myriad of opportunities in the market today. With over 15 years helping healthcare customers streamline processes, integrate systems, and improve user experience, the PMG platform makes is quick and easy to implement solutions that save time and money. One enterprise health insurance customer reduced their customer enrollment waiting period by 82%.

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