Help! Not just anybody.
PMG help & support resources

We know. You have questions. And Google isn’t going to work for you this time.

But do you know that PMG offers a wealth of resources for self-service help and support? We have continued to enhance our in-product help text and recently added online help to our Support site. In addition, there are numerous knowledge artifacts and a community message board on, and the full library of Quick Tips newsletters is available to you at any time.

From “How To’s and Best Practices” to “Solution Templates”, our Support portal offers more than just a place to find patches or create tickets. And our regular website will let you search for past newsletters by topic or keyword. Don’t worry, we won’t make you try to figure out the subject based on the title! ?

PMG’s Support portal offers easy access and a centralized location for the help you need.

We’ve been beefing up our in-product help, particularly around App Designer and newer features. And now, the latest and greatest version of Help is available to you regardless of whether or not you’re on the latest version of the Platform! By clicking into the Online Help section of the support site (see the icon on the lower left of the screenshot above), you’ll be able to browse and search through the most up-to-date product documentation.

In addition, the Support site is continually updated with new knowledge artifacts covering frequent topics of interest. Our How To’s and Best Practices page includes sections on:

• Administration
• Service Forms
• Videos
• Work Dashboard
• Workflows
• Table Manager
• App Designer

And our published Solution Templates include applications for interfacing with:

• Jira
• ServiceNow
• Zoom

…and we have plans for adding many more.

Another good resource is the oft-forgotten PMG Support Forum bulletin board, which is still open and actively attended. As soon as a user posts a question, our crack team of product experts are notified via Slack that their help is needed. We encourage customers to make use of it for rapid responses to specific configuration and support questions like you see here:

And last but not least, all of your beloved newsletter favorites are accessible from the PMG Newsletter home page. You are welcome to browse previous editions, but if you are trying to find information on a specific topic, click on the search icon on the upper right to narrow it down to the results you need.

We hope you’ve found this piece on Help very helpful! Let us know. ?