PMG featured in 451 Research report
Highlighted: PMG’s combination of automation and integration

451 Research, a global research and advisory firm that draws on direct engagement with IT leaders and service providers, recently published a research report initiating coverage of PMG. The research firm, owned by S&P Global, focuses on topics and technologies that drive digital transformation.

Principal Analyst Carl Lehmann characterizes the PMG Platform as user-friendly and easy to integrate with other common business applications, enhancing productivity. The report cites PMG’s differentiators as speed to deployment, ability to quickly update and adapt process designs, and ease of use. 451 Research also highlights PMG’s intuitive user interface.

PMG has licensed distribution rights to the report, which can be requested here.

451 Research’s coverage resulted from a demo of PMG’s product offering, which fits within the analyst firm’s definition of the digital automation platform (DAP) market. The report provides a holistic view, with detailed perspective, into key market drivers.

In addition, the report includes a SWOT analysis of PMG’s offering and explores the development of digital automation technology. It provides insight into the competitive landscape and tracks the evolution of enterprise technologies. The analysis provides the resources to help business professionals make informed decisions on the technology integral to IT transformation and digitalization.

In a press release dated June 2, 2020 Joe LeCompte, Principal and CEO of PMG, stated, “Given the increasing prevalence and development of digital automation technology, the market is full of DAP offerings that are overly complex in some areas while under-delivering in others. It can be overwhelming.” He continued, “Our platform saves time for IT and business professionals, giving them the ability to design, develop and deploy automations and focus on process efficiency.”