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It’s been a while (a year, actually!) since we’ve shared our PR activity. These bylined articles give us a chance to share our perspectives on market trends and what we learn about the practical applications of low-code technology from you, our partners.

So far in 2022, we’ve had two placements to showcase our thought leadership. In January, Robert Castles, PMG’s CTO and resident big thinker, partnered with Claire Wiggill, our VP of Innovation, to share their predictions for 2022’s tech trends on VMblog. Their sights are on: End-to-End Experience, Distributed Everything, and Data Security & Privacy.

Claire also authored a piece in March on about SMBs, the forgotten middle children of HR technology. In it, she highlights the benefits of having a pre-built case management system to give HR teams visibility and make employee cases easier to manage. Hint, hint… our Case Central™ product is a perfect solution for this!

If you’re looking for the tldr versions of these articles, we’ve got you covered.

Claire & Robert’s 2022 predictions broken down:

1. End-to-End Experience: With remote work solidly in the mainstream now, employee experience is a priority like never before. Institutional and B2B users need more than just a pretty interface – they need seamless processes.

2. Distributed Everything: Shared resources, open-source technology, crowdsourced data, and improved access reflect the direction the networked world is moving in. Businesses are leveraging best-in-class software components to create custom solutions.

3. Data Security & Privacy: Risks continue to rise as vendors, institutions, and companies try to keep pace with hackers. Maintaining security while delivering optimal UX is a delicate balance.

The benefits of an out-of-the-box HR case management solution:

HR practitioners are overwhelmed tracking employee cases manually. These outdated processes cause a lack of visibility and make keeping up with investigations and HR cases difficult.

Large HRIS or HCM systems are often outside the budget of small and mid-sized companies, but there are affordable solutions that can get employee relations management out of spreadsheets and into the 21st century. These pre-built applications can increase efficiencies, improve employee engagement, help fight discrimination and harassment, and provide a reliable place for case information to reside.