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PMG in the media in 2021 (so far)

It’s been a minute since we tooted our own horn about press coverage. PMG has been featured in five media pieces since the beginning of the year! Here’s what we’ve been up to.

To kick off 2021, PMG’s VP of Innovation, Claire Wiggill, popped into to share predictions for the year and 3 tips to implement hyperautomation into your business.

We kept up the momentum with two interviews in January. Our very own Robert Castles, Principal and CTO, was quoted extensively in TechHQ’s article on RPA as a means to an end for digitalization. He also contributed to “15 SLA mistakes IT leaders still make,” an article in that’s sure to ring true for many of you.

And just last month, Robert published an article in CommPRO on 2021 technology trends emerging in the wake of COVID-19. Also in March, he wrote “Security Concerns Don’t Dampen the Enthusiasm for Cloud” for IT Toolbox.

Here’s a little more on each media piece:

Claire’s hyperautomation tips include: i) start your automation journey with a process that’s straightforward and impactful; ii) use low-code technology for every segment of your automation solution; and iii) never underestimate the importance of change management. is dedicated to spreading the word about modern Data Center technologies like Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Containers, Hyperconvergence, IoT, Software-Defined “X”, etc.

Robert’s RPA piece has a somewhat misleading title: “Time to ditch the CoE? – RPA is better left to individuals”. In fact, his thought leadership contains cautions for common pitfalls, including the tendency to apply RPA technology to situations where it isn’t well-suited. TechHQ is an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology from around the world.

The article on SLA best practices or rather, worst practices, warns managers to stop treating service-level agreements as a one-time exercise and to resolve an issue when it arises instead of relying on contractual language as a defense. is an IDG publication offering peer insight and expertise on business strategy, innovation, and leadership to enterprise CIOs and business technology executives.

Robert’s article on technology trends and top predictions for 2021 talks about the challenges companies continue to navigate with the explosion of remote work. He also covers the impact of recent high-profile security breaches on businesses and how market consolidation is opening up opportunities for tech companies, no matter how big or how small. CommPRO is a B2B digital publisher.

And most recently, in our feature article on the continuing growth of cloud computing, Robert discusses strategies such as compartmentalizing service providers, prioritizing data governance, and mitigating security risks. He highlights how a workflow platform adds an extra layer of security by providing built-in-tracking and better data control. IT Toolbox is an online community that enables peers to share professional knowledge about information technology.