We know you love a good package
Good things come in 3’s

The PMG Platform has come a long way since the days of completely “manual” migrations. So, it’s no surprise that Package Manager is pretty much the overall favorite feature for PMG solution developers.

As most of you know, Package Manager helps build and move migration packages quickly and ensures that you don’t leave any solution elements behind in your dev and staging environments. Now our Product Team has added three updates to make you love Package Manager even more: META packages, Clones, and Triggers. Oh my!

First up, META packages. As the name implies, a META package is a package composed of many other packages. This enables smaller, individual packages to be managed on their own while also avoiding the hassle of building one very large package to migrate all solution elements at once.

You’ll notice that META packages are available to create via a new button on Package Manager.

Next up, we have a nifty new ability to clone a package. Again, the name is self-explanatory – if you want to build a package that includes components from an already existing one, cloning gives you a quick head start on assembling the new package. Look for the Clone button on the bottom right when viewing any package.

And last but not least, we now have Package Triggers. Have you ever wanted to trigger a process upon import of a package? – maybe something as simple as sending notifications via email, Slack, MS Teams, etc. upon successful import of a package?

If that’s appealing to you, simply build out the workflow you need and plug it into the new System Setting: PACKAGE_MANAGER_TRIGGER_WF.

For all of these great new features, you do need to be on v22.1 of the Platform. So if you haven’t already, get yourself upgraded!