PMG Introduces First True “No Code” Solution for Service Catalogs

New Functionality Improves Usability, Saves Time and Money across the Enterprise

Atlanta – January 7, 2014 – PMG, the smart choice for business process automation software, recently introduced the Service Build Accelerator (SBA) to its Enterprise Service Catalog offering. With the SBA, administration of service catalogs extends beyond solely IT personnel, as it’s the first solution that truly requires no coding to use. Ultimately the SBA’s flexibility puts the power of managing a service catalog in the hands of the business user. Not only does the new functionality cut costs and save time by requiring no training, but it also integrates seamlessly with existing systems and aides in automating processes.

The SBA was designed with all business users in mind so that IT and other services—like provisioning office equipment, cell phones, and marketing collateral—can easily be initiated and managed in the service catalog by any department within an organization. The SBA’s intuitive interface includes WYSIWYG functionality, which makes adding, editing, and implementing services quick and effortless. For example, when creating a service within the SBA, the user simply answers a series of quick questions, outlining the service they want to create. The SBA then leverages business process automation, initiating a workflow behind the scenes to automatically fulfill the service when requested. No prior knowledge of html code, file or data types is necessary.

As a result of a more streamlined approach to service requests, IT now has more time to focus on high-value objectives, and non-IT users can spend less time engaging in extensive knowledge transfers to manage their department needs. As business users begin to update and maintain the service catalog more frequently, the catalog remains relevant, which keeps employees engaged. This means that shadow IT—a significant challenge for companies— begins to decline.

“We want organizations to understand how business process automation technology, like service catalogs, can transform entire organizations for the better,” said Joe LeCompte, principal at PMG. “The Service Build Accelerator serves to do that as it empowers users across the enterprise to get the needs of their department fulfilled without manual processes, or IT staff intervention. While other platforms claim to be codeless, this truly is the first solution that’s created in a language everyone can understand.”

PMG customers can now leverage the SBA, as it is currently included in the PMG Enterprise Service Catalog platform. To schedule a brief demonstration of the SBA with a member of the PMG team, visit

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