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Accelerate and streamline the many onboarding tasks needed to make your new employee’s first day a positive, productive experience.

The Benefits of Automated Onboarding

Collaborate and Automate.

Kick onboarding tasks into high gear. Get real time notifications. Automate approvals and processing. Get status tracking and audit trails.

Ensure Compliance. Maximize efficiency.

PMG Onboarding Dashboard

Right Here. Right Now.

Managing the numerous, detailed onboarding tasks throughout multiple departments is a serious time killer.

No more running around chasing emails and returning phone calls. Ignite HR manages every detail of your onboarding process in a single dashboard.

Work Smart.

PMG Onboarding tracks the who, what, when, and how so you don’t have to.

Our reports make it easy for you to identify bottlenecks, reduce inefficiencies, and transform your business. The more you know, the more you can grow.

PMG Onboarding Approvals Dashboard

Why do our customers love PMG Onboarding?

PMG provides an automated, trackable, efficient process to get your new hires up and running with everything they need to get to work on their very first day.







Integrate. Automate. Orchestrate.

We know the effort doesn’t stop with you. It takes multiple teams to make it happen. Fully automate onboarding throughout your organization with our prebuilt connectors. We have extensive integration capabilities with your HR, IT, Facilities and Security systems to fully automate and orchestrate the onboarding process.

Low-Code Features

Proven ROI: Parsons Corporation reduced the time needed to embed a new employee by 56%.

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Why Automate your Onboarding Process?

Get Onboard with other PMG Customers.

Don’t forget about Offboarding.

Avoid the compliance risks of employee turnover by closing the gaps in your identity and access management process. Automate your offboarding process.


Make your new hires productive from day one. And that’s just the beginning.

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Proven ROI: Parsons Corporation reduced the time needed to embed a new employee by 56%.

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