PMG Service Catalog Suite Recognized in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog Tools Report

Evaluation based on Strategy, Support, Execution and Investment

Atlanta, GA – March 21, 2014 – PMG, the smart choice for enterprise service catalog and business process automation software, saw overall ratings for its Service Catalog Suite (SCS) v. 7.4 increase in Gartner’s recently released 2014 “Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog” report, receiving a rating of “Good” for Product Viability, the highest rating given in the report.

Out of a total possible Critical Capability score of 45, PMG’s SCS received a 37, the highest overall score achieved in the report. It also received the highest score possible for integration to cloud provisioning. PMG’s Use Case scores were also the highest in the report, with increases in the following categories: overall, IT service catalog administrator, IT service catalog user, cloud catalog, and IT leadership. Product scores also improved up to one full point in the following areas: integration to cloud provisioning, service level expectations and performance norms, cost of service requests, and integration to other data sources & fulfillment tools.

“We believe our continued recognition by Gartner, as well as the tremendous success of our customers validates that PMG is a leader of enterprise service catalog solutions,” said Joe LeCompte, principal of PMG. “We credit our customers’ feedback and our team’s dedication to delivering the best solutions possible.”

PMG’s Cloud Accelerator (, which enables data center administrators and end users to easily request and manage virtual infrastructure in the cloud, contributed to high marks in the area of cloud provisioning, with the categories of integration to cloud provisioning earning a top score of 5 and cloud catalog use cases scoring a 4.5.

PMG SCS’s new theme and branding capabilities enable customization of the service catalog for a greatly enhanced user experience. According to the report, “user portals built using SCS’s theme and design wizards are modern and professional looking, resembling commercial websites with which end users will be familiar and comfortable.”

With prebuilt integration adapters, SCS is system agnostic and integrates with existing systems through a single pane of glass. PMG’s SCS can be deployed in an on-premise or a SaaS model, and provides for complete mobile access.

The “Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog Tools” report was published on March 17, 2014 by Gartner’s Jeffrey M. Brooks, research director in the IT Operations Management and Chris Matchett, principal research analyst working in Gartner’s IT Operations Management team. The research assessed 15 IT service catalog tools across nine critical capabilities essential to the selection of the appropriate IT service catalog tools for the IT I&O organization.

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