New enhancements center around Admin UX
Detailed release notes are posted on the PMG Support Site

Let’s hear it for Layout Builder, Form Deploy Logs, and Dependencies in workflows and Package Manager! Our last release of the year is sure to bring holiday cheer. (Yeah, we went there.)

PMG’s Product Team has delivered some outstanding features to help make your life easier when working in the platform. From a drag-and-drop user interface for building page layouts in App Designer to easier tracking of form updates, hands-on users have some things to smile about.

Key enhancements include:

  • App Designer
    • Drag-and-drop layout builder
    • New chart capabilities for multiple value support
  • Forms
    • Deploy Log with details and compare previous versions
  • Package Manager
    • View dependencies and include in package
    • API support for dependency lookups
  • Workflow
    • View dependencies of current workflow from Workflow Designer

Customers can download the v20.4 Service Pack and read the full release notes here: Patch Level 20.4.

Here’s more of what’s included, listed by Platform component:

  • Portal
    • Layout Builder now provides drag-and-drop configuration of App Designer layouts.
    • App Designer’s Chart widget has a new Group Property to support multi-datasets. Now Bar, Line, and Radar graphs can show a second data-point on the graphs.
    • Dual List widget supports easy clicks for adding or removing fields from lists.
    • Event Monitor widget can now be used as a data source to drive real-time updates in other widgets.
    • Comments widget can now be enabled on the Request History page with a simple system setting.
  • Forms
    • Form Designer Deploy Log now has more information about form configuration and question changes between versions.
    • List Builder now has support for Data Workflows as a data source in the pre-load configuration. Also, a loading animation is now shown.
  • Workflows
    • Show/hide of workflow action properties is now available in the Approval, Database Get String, and REST Request actions. This more intuitive interface will assist newer workflow builders especially.
    • Email Parser action now supports files of .eml type or a string variable with the contents of .eml. This helps support parsing email that is gathered outside of the platform POP email process.
    • The Workflow Dependencies utility finds dependencies within the Platform for the latest deployed workflow.
    • The Set JSON Object Fields action now has a property for controlling behavior to skip based on the value properties.
    • The Assign From Queue action supports dynamically assigning work item from queue to a specific user.
    • New Excel actions bring the total shipped count to six.
    • An Oracle JDEdwards connector is now available.
  • Administration
    • Packages now have a Related Items option, making it easy to discover dependent items that can be added to the current package. Also, a new GetItemDependencies API call passes in an item and finds its dependencies.
    • File Manager Artifacts can now be included in packages. This includes both Theme Assets, File Manager and the File Manager icon from Category/Forms.
    • User Management page enhancements include more details, including user preferences. You can make minor updates to PMG internal user database information such as name and email address.
    • System Settings export option downloads the system setting for the environment. The export file is JSON format. You can use a file comparison tool to compare the export between environments.

But wait, there’s more. See the full release notes on the PMG Support site. (Link above.)