PMG Welcomes ServiceNow to the Low-Code Process Management Arena

After 16 years delivering low-code solutions to the Global 2000, company relieved to finally have competition

Atlanta – May 19, 2016 – As ServiceNow (NASDAQ: NOW) announces a low-code service portal as part of its upcoming Helsinki release, PMG is delighted to welcome its competitor to the low-code process management arena.

As a pioneer of low-code platform service automation solutions, PMG has been helping the Global 2000 automate and streamline their unique workflows for over a decade. The company is, understandably, relieved to finally have some competition.

“To be honest, we have been a tad lonely pioneering low-code all these years, so we are glad that ServiceNow is finally joining the low-code family,” said PMG Principal Joe LeCompte. “They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and such imitation from a respected brand – and publicly-traded company – is praise indeed.”

Brushing off industry snark that ServiceNow is “late to the party,” LeCompte asked critics to cut the Wall Street darling some slack. “We all know a big ship can only change course slowly, and given ServiceNow’s ever-broader solution portfolio – and their need to satisfy earnings expectations every quarter – it’s unrealistic to expect ServiceNow to be on the forefront of innovations that empower users.”

Gartner ranked the PMG Enterprise Service Catalog first in its Critical Capabilities in IT Service Catalog 2014 report. It took top honors in all categories and received the highest score of all vendors reviewed. “That recognition, and the acclaim of 150+ world-class customers is nice,” said Robert Castles, PMG principal and chief architect, “but it always left us wanting more. This endorsement of the low-code philosophy from a peer like ServiceNow – however late in the day – finally makes us feel fulfilled.”

Recognizing that the switch to a low-code approach may be challenging for an organization as set in its ways as ServiceNow, PMG is extending a helping hand. While some might see PMG and ServiceNow as rivals, PMG believes there’s little real competition and, in that spirit, is offering any ServiceNow staffers who are struggling to articulate the company’s paradigm shift a no-charge telephone consultation.

ServiceNow salespeople confused about how to start extolling the benefits of low-code to customers used to the company’s “locked-down” approach can call 770-457-8787. PMG team members will be available 24/7 to share their extensive experience in implementing low-code service automation for Global 2000 companies in employee onboarding, HR management, identity access management, infrastructure management and product lifecycle management.

As this is ServiceNow’s first venture into the low-code world, PMG acknowledges that customers may wonder how to choose the best provider to fit their business needs. PMG suggests enterprises ask themselves the following when making decisions:

  • Does the software allow business and technical-level resources to build and maintain the elements of a typical solution?
  • Will software upgrades affect configurations?
  • Does the software’s configuration capabilities support the evolving brand needs?

For more information on low-code business process automation visit PMG’s website which offers a decade’s-worth of content on the topic.

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