Product Lifecycle Management

PMG powers solutions in product development and manufacturing.

Orchestrate and Automate Business Processes

The PMG platform drives usability, visibility, and efficiency in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). With PMG, product managers and engineers directly manage business processes through the various phases of a product’s lifecycle. PMG’s intuitive portal interface consolidates all relevant data into a centralized location with role-based views. That way, your PLM resources easily find what they need to do their individual jobs. Team members from different business units collaborate on work activities and clearly communicate status to everyone in real-time. The results? Reduced time to market, enhanced quality control and improved demand forecasting.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased collaboration across PLM teams
  • Enhanced visibility into resource demand for forecasting
  • Direct integration with external PLM systems
  • Seamless end-to-end user experience for PLM process workers
  • Maximized flexibility to adapt to evolving PLM processes and systems over time

Seamless Integration

PMG’s powerful workflow engine readily integrates with any number of external systems or data sources. PMG ties into manufacturing systems to automate the process of measuring materials, or to coordinate scheduling of equipment and resources for a production run. Data is dynamically pulled in from any number of external sources, eliminating redundancy in data entry and reporting. Your product engineers and fulfillment teams seamlessly run any PLM process end-to-end, all through a single system.

Flexible Design

With PMG’s drag-and-drop Workflow Designer, you can easily configure any applicable business rules and dynamic routing needed to support both routine and non-routine processes. So, if your product development effort needs to change direction midstream, you can configure the workflow logic needed to handle any scenario. And, PMG builds in the right level of governance for your PLM process. If any activity requires approvals or other types of human intervention, easily configure that into the workflow design as well.

The result is a Product Lifecycle Management solution that maximizes the efficiency and visibility of your unique processes. This means reduced time to market and better demand forecasting for your PLM resources.

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