Awkward to pronounce, not awkward to navigate
PMG makes JSON queries easy

JSON is all the rage in today’s technology world, and PMG continues to be at the forefront of creating tools to make work less daunting than it used to be.

PMG’s “Select JSONPath” workflow action provides a simple method to query a JSON document and eliminates the need to create complex logic to query the JSON document structure.

Here’s how it works.

The “Select JSONPath” action allows for JSONPath syntax queries to return data from a JSON document. Simply define the JSON object, the path, and the type of returned data in the action properties. And make sure you use JSONPath syntax.

Configure the “Select JSONPath” action by filling the “JSON Object to Filter” field with the Workflow Object:

Enter the required path in the correct syntax into the “JSON Path” field:


Lastly, define the “Return Type” and the “Results Variable” fields.

Then you’re ready to use the resulting data in your workflow as needed, and rave on with your JSON!