The kids aren’t the only ones in class
Get back to basics with PMG

Believe it or not – we’re halfway through 2021 and kids are making their way back to school. Learning isn’t only limited to kids though – adults like to learn too! PMG is pleased to announce the next round of our free PMG Fundamentals training is coming this Fall.
This training will be offered over the weeks of September 20th and September 27th. We’re letting you know early so that you can make plans to attend all the sessions. Sessions are typically no more than half-days to allow time for everyone to still work on their “day jobs”.
Training is open to all customers. Really! Every one of you. Whether you’ve upgraded recently, or have new staff, or just like getting a refresher – we’d love to have you. PMG training is very hands-on and you’ll be expertly guided by our friendly trainers.
All training is conducted virtually in PMG’s training instance. Trainees will be provided with remote access for the duration of training, and you’ll be able to take everything you built with you.
If interested, please contact Aaron Klein, Senior Director of Customer Experience, at