Service Catalog

PMG continues to be a leader in enterprise-wide service request management.

 An Efficient and Seamless Service Catalog Experience.

Self-service requests for things like system access, hardware, software, office supplies and accessories are all automated and streamlined with an enterprise service catalog solution built on the PMG Digital Business Platform, making it easy for your people to get what they need to do their jobs effectively.

Enterprise Service Catalog

PMG’s low-code platform delivers a centralized service catalog solution to build and manage all types of service request processes across the enterprise. This includes any shared service provider, such as HR, Legal, Finance, Facilities, IT and Marketing. PMG offers configurable views, categories and branding tailored to target audiences.

Also, PMG’s Service Catalog solution is “built-to-change.” Using low-code configuration tools, global services management personnel or business users can build and publish orderable service offerings with fulfillment workflows without needing developer assistance. Role-based permissioning allows for governance as needed.

With rapid prototyping that drives true end-to-end business process automation, PMG provides value in a matter of weeks, resulting in streamlined operations, reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • “Single Pane of Glass” – A single portal to access all service offerings for your workforce and partners
  • Intuitive Self-Service – Users easily search or browse for available service offerings, submit requests, track statuses, and assess costs, all without ever calling the Help Desk
  • Rich Customer Experience – Users only see services that are available to them, described in business terms they understand
  • Fulfillment Efficiency – Work dashboards are configurable so fulfillment team members can personalize their work task views
  • Flexible User Interface – Portal layout and design is fully configurable, allowing you to brand your service catalog solution so it feels familiar and intuitive for your target user audiences
  • Low-Code Configuration – Front-end request forms and corresponding fulfillment workflows are built and managed via low-code configuration tools, shortening the time to deployment
  • Enterprise Integration – Integration capabilities allow you to easily tie-in to external systems as needed to design true end-to-end service delivery processes
  • Flexibility – Powerful low-code capabilities provide flexibility as your processes and systems of record change or evolve over time
  • Automation – Auto-provision requests for items such as cloud services, software installations, and system access
  • ITIL Support – PMG’s platform helps you manage compliance with industry best-practice frameworks such as CMMI, COBIT, ITIL, ISO, and even Six Sigma

Gartner: Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog

Published only twice (2012 and 2014), Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog report ranks top vendors providing IT service catalog solutions. The report assesses IT service catalog tools by evaluating the capabilities critical to the successful implementation, support and utilization of IT service catalogs for IT I&O organizations, as well as for business users requesting IT services.

For both reports issued, PMG took top honors in all categories and received the highest score of all vendors reviewed. (Please contact Gartner for a copy of the report.)