New UI for SAML Configuration
Technical admins, rejoice!

We’ve taken another step towards making the PMG Platform as low- to no code as possible. As of v22.1, SAML support empowers administrators to manage the setup in the UI.

Users love the convenience of not having to enter credentials to access the Platform securely. Now the setup process is simpler. What’s not to love about that?

Prior to this version, you needed code – which meant you needed to know someone who could write it if you didn’t know how to yourself. That code would then be installed in a file on the PMG servers, and if a change ever had to be made, you needed that developer again. No bueno!

Today, it’s much easier. Via the new SAML Configuration screen, the various required and optional attributes to make SSO work are all listed out. All an administrator needs to provide are the values for each. Then enable SAML, and you’ve got it working lickety split.

No matter your preferred provider – Microsoft ADFS, Okta, or other – PMG has got you covered.

So actually, you can simply “do” SSO.