At PMG, we understand that solving your problems is our most important role. Helping you be innovative and create a more efficient business is our single focus.

PMG Support

We get it: The last thing you need is another set of challenges from your software tools or services partner. That’s why we’ve engineered our support structure to be easy to use.

PMG support includes full access to the PMG support site, telephone, and email-based support.

Our Support Model

PMG’s support model is structured differently than most software companies. We’ve eliminated the traditional “Tier 1″ help desk. Instead, we have a flat, two-tier model in which your first point of support are your Service Delivery Manager, consultants and trainers. The second tier is our development team. This model ensures faster resolution times, most often within hours or the same business day.

PMG provides 100% of its support with PMG-certified staff and does not outsource support to outside parties.

We’re busy updating our support site to provide even better service to our customers. In the meantime, contact us directly if you have any questions or need help.

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