System Access Management

Automate and manage system access.

Orchestrate and Automate Business Processes

Managing ongoing user access to your mission-critical business systems can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring the attention of your IT and Security teams. Multiple domain management adds complexity, and over time, mergers and acquisitions complicate things further. New systems of record overlap legacy systems, and individual users often maintain multiple accounts for each.

Some organizations invest in large-scale Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies to store identities and administer access for their employees and contractors across the enterprise. But, those tools are frequently geared specifically to IT resources, and lack a front-end UX for business users. Additionally, they often lack the workflow capabilities to streamline and orchestrate those access processes.

PMG provides a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) solution that allows you to fully automate and govern system access processes for your workforce, including external partners and contractors, all wrapped in a user experience (UX) layer that’s specifically tailored to your business needs.

Controlled Automation of Role-Based Access

PMG gives authorized users access to a centralized portal interface where they can create and manage profiles used for assigning access to external ERP systems. Profiles stored in PMG are mapped to specific access roles in one or more targeted ERP systems, and then associated to individual users or groups as needed, allowing you to grant or remove people’s access to multiple systems at once.

Based on the profile selected, workflow processes use pre-built connector actions to automate provisioning activities directly in applicable ERP systems behind the scenes. And, workflows can be easily configured to include any necessary business approvals prior to running the automated provisioning activities. The result is a streamlined, secure access management process with full transparency for audit trail reporting.

Features & Benefits

  • Permissions-based access to self-service forms for employees and contractors to request systems access
  • Permissions-based access to interactive consoles for authorized managers to create, update and delete profiles that map to one or many access roles in external ERP systems
  • Pre-built connectors for automatically provisioning access in industry-leading ERP systems such as Active Directory, Office 365, Salesforce, and SAP
  • Configurable workflow design to model the appropriate routing, approval and auto-provisioning logic for your specific business process
  • Comprehensive audit trail visibility into all access provisioning and de-provisioning activities for security audits and/or regulatory compliance (SOX, HIPPA, etc.)