One Team, One Dream, One Click
Assign roles & rights easily

Did you know that the PMG platform now allows you to assign roles and rights on a group level?

Instead of clicking the day away permissioning user after user, our Group Rights feature allows you to quickly provide access to an entire team with the click of a button. Save valuable time while ensuring that only appropriate users can see or manage services, workflows, forms, apps, reports, and more.

Prior to group rights being available, only individual users could be assigned to specific roles and rights. PMG has long prided ourselves on our granular permission levels, but there’s no question that it was tedious to leverage this functionality across many users at once. If you happened to have a large team of individuals to which you needed to assign the same privileges, it could be quite cumbersome to apply these one at a time. That’s a lot of clicks!

With our new Group Rights feature, user rights can be granted collectively at the group level. The group can be defined as either an AD Group or an External Group. In current versions of the platform, the additional permission management level can now be seen on the Users and Groups Rights page.

We know what you’re thinking: it’s a good time to be an admin. Go team!