The US Healthcare Market and PMG

Challenges and Trends

Hospitals today are facing greater pressure than ever to deliver quality care while cutting expenses. Yet owners, managers and providers are struggling with unprecedented macro forces such as the aging population, the rising cost of healthcare, and regulatory and political uncertainty.

Among the industry trends expected to impact healthcare over the next few years:

  • Increasing adoption of digital health
  • Rising risk related to data privacy and security
  • Outsourcing of revenue cycle management
  • A shift towards value-based care
  • Continued consolidation of hospitals and healthcare systems

Technology Should Be the Antidote

New technologies can be just what the doctor ordered but often they give rise to their own set of ailments. Many hospitals struggle to manage legacy IT systems while simultaneously experiencing IT sprawl. New applications and IoT devices are being added to the technology ecosystem at a rapid pace, with little regard to maintenance and adaptability considerations.

The PMG Difference

PMG delivers tangible results in the fraction of the time and cost typically associated with transformative IT projects. No large project teams and extensive timelines, or big budget outlays with extended payback periods, are required. More importantly, you’re not left with siloed, custom-coded applications that are difficult to change and maintain and that don’t communicate with your existing systems.