Given that user experience and orchestration needs are critical for RPA to achieve value at scale, PMG is vital in creating a true business level solution.”

Robert Castles, Chief Vision Officer, PMG

Don’t limit the upside of your RPA automation and efficiency initiatives

PMG provides the process orchestration, complex logic capabilities, and integrations you need to get full the benefit of RPA. You’ll still get the speed and ease of deployment you expect from an RPA implementation because our low-code Digital Business Platform solutions can be configured and maintained by business analysts. No coding required.

PMG augments existing processes, working with an RPA tool to digitize repetitive manual tasks performed on your legacy systems. PMG delivers built-in governance and audit trail capture, providing security you need for your RPA implementation. And having our Digital Business Platform allows for agile, iterative process improvements as your business is ready.

Benefits of adding PMG’s BPM solution capabilities to your RPA tool

  • Maximizes efficiency improvement results by automating the processes around the bots
  • Provides more flexibility by delivering the capability to handle unstructured data, complex logic, and non-linear processes
  • Maintains fast, easy, and cost-effective deployment
  • Improves business processes as needed
  • Ensures security and governance in your RPA implementation

What’s the difference between RPA and PMG?