PMG shines in the Low-Code category
Putting your G2 product reviews to work

It may seem like we’re always asking you to leave us a review on Well, that’s because we are. ?

Seriously, those reviews help us in multiple ways. The feedback you provide gives us important information about what you love about the Platform as well as what you want us to put on our product development roadmap.

They also help us get noticed by other companies looking for low-code development software or an HR case management solution. This helps us and benefits you as well because the more we grow, the more resources we can put into improving the products and services we provide.

But, we realized many of you have probably never seen what these rankings and charts look like and how we stack up. So, in this edition of our beloved newsletter, we wanted to show you some snapshots.

#1 in Workflows
PMG consistently ranks the highest amongst other enterprise vendors for Workflows. We’re so proud of this, you may have seen one of our ads touting this stat.

Leading Vendors Comparison

And, we compare quite favorably to our top competitors.

We know the print is small, but you get the picture. You can see the full-size chart here.

Low-Code Development Platforms Category
In fact, our placement is pretty impressive on the Enterprise Grid Report, especially since we’re a little fish in a big pond so to speak.

Because the freshness of each customer review is a weighting factor in calculating PMG’s rankings, we have continued our promotional incentive of a $50 Amazon gift card. We know that leaving a review takes a few minutes of your time, and we work with G2 to offer you this gift in return. So, what are you waiting for?

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