Dashboards to Transform your Business.

Deliver a better user experience, empowering innovation and productivity through real-time information – the heart of proven digital transformation.

Everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Interactive dashboards give an easy-to-understand visual status. They can include information summaries for management and analytics, as well provide as an interface for working tasks and assignments.

Display only the most useful content

Tailored to your business, content may include process status, cost summaries, analyses for strategic decisions and management — or any data relevant to the user’s needs.

Optimize user experience

See the information you need the way you want to see it. PMG’s platform offers configuration-based design and branding. Configurable layouts and personalized interactive workbench views mean users see what’s relevant to them to get the job done.

Real-time data for real-time decisions.

Data can be pulled from external data sources and displayed dynamically. By providing real-time information, PMG dashboards improve user experience and deliver better business outcomes.

Charts, graphs or detailed data

Dashboards are configurable, with charts and graphical views created at the click of a button. Reports in list or grid formats provide drill down capabilities, as well as sorting and filtering options to allow authorized users to personalize their data views.

Analysis and decision-making

Accurate, actionable data means an effective analytics framework is provided for sound decision-making.

Manager overviews

  • Configure managerial dashboards easily and quickly with data widgets. A snapshot view created for your specific business needs delivers real-time information to keep abreast of the overall activity of your department, staff and projects.
  • Display your statistics to best suit your needs — whether in charts, graphs, quick stats or lists.

Summary & status views

  • Provide summary views to display the most relevant information associated with an individual person, project or task.
  • Check on the status of specific tasks, complete with “pizza tracker” process tracking and history.

Work dashboards

  • Configure task lists to best suit your work style. In one place, review the status of your tasks and click through to their related activity screens to work your tasks.

Profile pages

  • Provide detailed information related to a specific project, case or resource.