Experience, commitment and flexibility drive success.

PMG will work with you to structure the right implementation plan for your needs.

Successful software implementations come in many shapes and sizes.

PMG will assist you in your solution design and implementation to the extent you desire, working with you however best fits your budget, resources and schedule. Some customers require a full turnkey solution – others only a minimal consulting approach, where their own internal resources are fully trained and perform the bulk of the configuration. Most customers find a balance that lies somewhere in between.

Experience and commitment drive value.

When you work with PMG, you have access to the highest level of expertise, in not only our product, but in delivering successful business outcomes for digital initiatives. You will get to know not one or two, but many key members of PMG. Our commitment to you is that we will remain laser-focused on providing value to you and your organization for the lifetime of your PMG relationship.

Getting started with PMG.

While every implementation project is unique, there are specific activities that lay a critical foundation for success:

  • Determining key project roles and assignments
  • Driving consensus on top priorities and requirements
  • Building a working prototype
  • Connecting systems and data through integration
  • Training key resources to build and maintain solutions

Skillfully managing these endeavors maximizes business value and ultimately drives project success.

Leverage agile principles for success.

Experience has shown that an agile and iterative approach delivers the best results. When PMG is brought in to assist with implementation, agile principles are used to iterate through the configuration of solution elements. Exploiting the speed of platform configuration, PMG is able to execute rapid prototyping for review and feedback, accelerating your speed-to-value.

Expedite deployment with confidence.

Together with the robust capabilities and flexibility of the platform, PMG’s Customer Success team helps you deploy solutions faster. Each implementation differs in scope, but many customers have turned to us after unsuccessfully trying to deliver complex process solutions using popular enterprise platforms. Our low-code platform is highly configurable, making initial deployments, as well as updates, faster and easier to deliver.