The Blue Prism/PMG partnership integrates PMG’s low-code development platform with Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for comprehensive end-to-end process orchestration, delivering key elements of hyperautomation.

By implementing PMG in conjunction with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce, enterprises achieve better
results from their automation initiatives, including: 

• End-to-end automation with the ability to improve business processes as needed
• Maximized efficiency improvements by orchestrating processes around the bots
• Integration of disparate systems without code
• More flexibility by handling unstructured data, complex logic, and non-linear processes
• Full support of security and governance requirements in every solution
• Empowerment of business workers to develop their own apps and dashboard

PMG & Blue Prism Use Cases

  • PMG workflow calls a Digital Worker ➜ PMG passes data to the worker and receives data back from Blue Prism ➜ PMG evaluates the data using configured business logic ➜ the PMG process workflow progresses based on the result.
  • Blue Prism Digital Worker calls a PMG workflow for exception handling when bad data requires manual intervention ➜ PMG processes the error and routes the workflow based on the error type ➜ PMG may open a ticket or case for the error ➜ the updated data is sent back to PMG from the external system once the manual task is completed ➜ PMG continues the business process workflow with the complete data set as required.

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