With PMG, we were able to give management a holistic view of what was going on at each terminal and with each contractor. Ultimately, that’s the biggest value proposition I’ve seen from PMG.”

Solutions Manager, National Energy Transportation Company

The PMG Digital Business Platform provides robust reporting capabilities to support rich, customizable views of the data your users need to do their jobs effectively.

The PMG Digital Business Platform provides a built-in reporting framework to create and render ad-hoc reports directly within the portal. And, reporting is not limited to activities and data stored within PMG. With PMG’s reporting capabilities, you can query against core product tables and/or any number of external data sources, to aggregate and display the specific information your resources need to do their jobs.

Report Builder and Report Editor

The PMG platform offers a codeless Report Builder feature for authorized users to create custom reports visually, without writing any SQL queries. With the Report Builder feature, you can select from a list of existing forms within the system to report on, and the individual form elements (or questions) to be displayed as report columns. Report Builder also supports simple visual graphics, so your reports can include pie charts, line graphs or bar graphs, for example.

In addition, the PMG platform also comes with an out-of-the-box Report Editor utility, where authorized admin users can write SQL queries to build basic reports against system data and/or external data sources as needed. The Report Editor includes a Permissions feature to designate the specific people or groups who should have access to each report, ensuring confidential data is only accessible to the appropriate people.

There are also configurable formatting options for report rendering, including input filters, section headers, auto-paging of results, and an optional “Export to Excel” link. More advanced options even allow report editors to incorporate JavaScript or graphics into the report output. And, all reports can be exported as XML documents, including any advanced formatting or permissions that have been configured.

Configurable Dashboards and Reporting Consoles

With PMG reports, data is pulled and dynamically displayed in real-time, providing an effective analytics framework for strategic decision-making. This includes monitoring metrics on your business processes, like usage activity, cost allocations, approval processing time, or any relevant data your user audience might need.

Click here to see samples of PMG Dashboards.

Portal pages  can be added and configured with data widgets to create custom dashboard reports as needed for your user audience(s).  Dashboard report columns support a range of sorting and filtering options, so authorized users can personalize their data views to display the information they want. Using the same components, you can also configure portal pages with more graphical, interactive console-style data views. With consoles, users can monitor key business data visually, and click to drill down into the details, or even take immediate action. And, portal pages are permissions-based, so you always control who has access to a given dashboard or console view.