Tell your story through a PMG case study
Tooting your own horn has never been so easy

You may recall a couple of recent newsletters where we shared customers’ success stories about their PMG implementations. One was a pandemic-era story of a paperless approvals solution, and the other was a magical tale of high-tech IT automation.

Have you realized that you too can be the hero in your own digital transformation story?

We would love to write up a case study about your experience with the PMG Platform. While our first choice is always to be able to use our customer’s company name, we recognize that it can be difficult (nay, impossible) to get the required blessing from the powers that be. In those situations, like the examples above, we can make it a “blind” (i.e. anonymous) case study.

What we’re offering is to do the legwork and write up your and your team’s accomplishments. You will get a presentation-worthy synopsis of the value you’ve helped create for your company. PMG will get another great solution example we can share with prospects and other customers. It’s truly a win-win!

How does the process work?

It’s actually pretty straightforward and requires remarkably little of your time. We’ll conduct an interview with you and/or other key members of your team to learn more about the PMG solution and implementation from your perspective. The meeting is typically scheduled for an hour.

Both qualitative and quantitative information will be discussed, and if possible, we’ll identify key metrics to measure success. We’ll want to highlight the impact and benefits the solution has delivered to your company.

Following the interview, PMG will work with our PR firm to draft the case study. Once written, the draft will be sent back to you for your review and feedback. Nothing will get published without your sign-off.

We know we share a great success story with you and hope you’ll let us help you share it. Contact your favorite PMGer to get the ball rolling!