Improve processes while embracing an agile approach.

The combination of modern BPM with speed, agility, efficiency and integration is a key driver for digital transformation.

User experience and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

With an emphasis on enhanced user experience through process orchestration and data integration, the PMG platform empowers companies to improve business processes and achieve positive results. Automation can be applied to nearly any business process across multiple functional areas and systems to achieve efficiency gains. The PMG platform manages everything from manufacturing operations to product lifecycles, and HR processes to digital marketing. The results are streamlined operations, better collaboration, and more successful business outcomes.

Leverage iterative development through prototyping.

With the PMG platform, activities around improvement begin with visually modeling a process directly in the Workflow Designer. PMG’s ability to rapidly build out solutions and applications using low-code tools allows for early validation of design principles and requirements. Results from early deployments can be used to measure and identify areas for improvement. Future versions can exploit additional automation and integration opportunities to drive more value without bogging down an entire initiative or project and saddling it with endless deployment delays.

BPM functionality and solutions

PMG provides the following functionality to power BPM solutions:

  • User experience – a mobile-friendly interface that leverages content and enables collaboration among users
  • Integrations – real-time data accessibility and support for fast operations through API calls to and from external systems
  • Intelligence – incorporation of logic throughout the platform and use of data to support automatic process improvement
  • Governance – high control support for even long-running processes and automatic logging for audit purposes
  • Case management – orchestration of ad-hoc inquiries, processing of unplanned work, and the aggregation of communications
  • Knowledge management – global search and access to existing knowledge articles, documents and databases
  • Reporting and analytics – dashboards to track metrics, SLAs and KPIs and show the right information to each audience

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