We’re ecstatic about the increases in efficiency, but my favorite benefit has been simple stress reduction. If there’s ever a snag on a claim, we are able to track branch and department tasks and call the responsible party. PMG ended the guessing game and all unnecessary email and phone calls along with it.”

Anita Looney, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation

PMG provides a platform to automate, orchestrate and manage your business processes, including the non-routine activities and unstructured processes associated with case management.

The PMG Digital Business Platform delivers BPM capabilities you need to support your digital transformation efforts. With a strong focus on user experience, PMG provides workflow process design and execution, systems and data integration, and business activity monitoring, allowing you to digitalize and manage all aspects of your business process.

PMG delivers efficiency through orchestration and automation that can be applied to nearly any business process across multiple functional areas and systems. Our customers leverage the PMG Digital Business Platform to manage everything from manufacturing capacity and scheduling to product lifecycles, and HR processes to digital marketing. The results are streamlined operations, better collaboration, and more successful business outcomes.

And as a low-code BPM platform, PMG is easily configurable, enabling business users to build and manage their own process solutions without necessary dependence on IT.

BPM Functionality and Solutions

PMG’s platform provides the following functionality to power BPM solutions:

  • Prototyping – rapidly building out solutions or applications via low-code interfaces, enabling validation of design principles and logic
  • Governance and Control – providing reporting dashboards to track metrics, SLAs and KPIs
  • Case Management – tracking ad-hoc inquiries, processing unplanned work, and aggregating communications
  • Knowledge Management – enabling employees to locate answers from existing knowledge articles, documents and databases
  • Modeling and Simulation – facilitating development of processes based on business, organization and compliance rules