Automate and Orchestrate your IT Processes

The result? Streamlined operations, faster issue resolution and increased user satisfaction.

Stop coding. Start solving problems.

Configure easy-to-use dashboards and workflows to manage your systems and automate your repeatable IT tasks.

Low-code platform

Drag-and-drop configuration allows you to build applications that manage the execution and troubleshooting of your scripts, including PowerShell.

IT process automation made easy

From infrastructure management to cloud enablement and IT self-service to ITFM, PMG delivers proven results.

Take control.

Whether streamlining processes within IT or expanding self-service for business process owners, PMG enables your workforce to do more.

Empower process owners

Trained users can build and manage even complex process interactions without requiring developers.

Free IT personnel

By eliminating routine tasks, IT resources are freed up to focus on more innovative and value-added projects.

Gain visibility

PMG tracks the who, what, when and how. By monitoring system and activity status, as well as performance, you’re able to identify issues and process bottlenecks easily.

Easy integrations. Yes, we mean it.

True IT process automation is dependent on disparate systems being able to talk to each other, and PMG takes pride in our ability to connect these systems through configurable integrations.

Drag-and-drop integration actions

By integrating directly with virtually any IT tool or application, routine functions that IT personnel have been completing manually can now be automated.

Connected systems

Tasks like cloud provisioning or Software Access Management can be managed from a single interface or automated to execute based on a specific date, frequency, or event.

Go green.

Reuse and recycle. Don’t spend time doing the same thing twice.

Workflow Functions

PMG workflows can be saved as reusable functions to be invoked as a standalone APIs or modeled as a part of a larger process.

Updates are easy

PMG solutions are built to change as IT business processes evolve. Low-code configuration makes administration simple and upgrade safety is ensured.