Low-Code App Development

Low-code development empowers business users and IT to meet business challenges quickly.

PMG’s low-code platform offers easy configuration, unlocking the ability to build and deploy business applications and process solutions quickly and effectively.

Low-code development benefits

  • Speed to deployment
  • Ease of use to support business developers as well as IT
  • Flexibility to tailor to an organization’s unique business processes
  • Ability to update quickly as requirements change
  • Upgrade safe configuration

A full spectrum of low-code platform tools.

  • Configurable portal and personalized work dashboards for a superior UX
  • Form Editor feature for building rich, dynamic forms to collect and manage data
  • Drag-and-drop Workflow Designer for configuring executable processes
  • Licensed connectors to integrate with enterprise applications via configurable actions
  • API Builder feature to enable external systems to make calls into PMG processes
  • Report Builder utility to build personalized reports without writing code or SQL queries

Integrations made easy.

Prebuilt connector kits and generic connector actions allow you to easily configure integrations with existing enterprise systems, driving fast deployments. The result is true end-to-end business process orchestration that’s easy to create and easy to maintain as your business processes evolve over time, as well as real-time data aggregation for reports, dashboards and interactive consoles.

Expand the value of your IT organization.

While PMG’s low-code technology allows non-developers to implement solutions, IT developers also benefit from the speed of configuration. PMG’s platform uses low and no-code configuration to offer fast deployment, fill in functional gaps of existing technologies, enable integrations, and provide easier maintenance and support. And critically for many IT organizations, PMG is robust enough to maintain the ability to leverage custom code when needed while simplifying product upgrades in the future.

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